Vandgard® Anti-Climb
Vandgard® Anti-Climb
Vandgard® Anti-Climb
Vandgard® Anti-Climb
Vandgard® Anti-Climb

Vandgard® Anti-Climb

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Vandgard Anti-Climb is robust security fencing and a fearsome defence for all situations where serious vandalism or theft is likely.  It is complete for easy site assembly and ideal for use on gates, fences, walls or roofs and windows.

Vangard Anti-Climb is also perfect for environmentally sensitive areas where at inoffensive appearance is important. Examples include commercial and industrial sites.

This anti-climb guard eliminates any stable platform or foothold that an opportunist might otherwise use to scale a wall. It is:

  • Simple to fit: (Installation instructions);
  • Corrosion free;
  • "Fix and forget" maintenance free;
  • Strong and effective without intent to harm;
  • Mitigates Legal Liability.

Product Description:

Freely rotating  anti-scaling, anti-climb security fencing designed to effectively roll away aggression and crime.

Pack Includes:

All components to assemble 1 metre of Vandgard, comprising:

  • Aluminium vanes made ​​of corrosion free aluminium;
  • Spindle: Extruded round tube, including a joining spigot;
  • Theoretical weight: 0.173Kg each.
  • Overall diameter approximately 400mm.  
  • Support brackets not included.


Vanes are threaded alternately onto the spindle which is either crimped at the end with a hammer to secure the vanes bolted, clamped or welded to fences gates and walls, or use stop ends. Supports should be adjusted to mount Vandgard centrally over walls or cranked at 45 degrees and to the back of fences with a clearance not exceeding 50mm.


Standard finish means natural, self-colour metal finishing.


Pallet or Parcel Service