Anti Climb, Security Fencing, Anti Climb Spikes

Given the fact that crime has been increasing at a steady rate all over the world, it is crucial to protect your family and property from damage and theft. At Vandgard, we manufacture high quality anti climb devices to facilitate a safe and effective method to ward off criminal intent.

Why you need anti climb devices:
In the past, it was fine to occupy a dangerous installation so long as it had an appropriate warning sign and a basic fence. However, these days, regulations have changed and if an intruder happens to get seriously injured or even dies on your property, you may be held legally liable and can get into serious trouble. This is where our anti climb system works so well because it comes equipped with security barriers comprising anti scaling technology which acts as a superior barrier for all fences, walls and gates. Installation of our anti climb device is easy, maintenance free and long lasting. With security fencing like this, your property has an effective yet affordable solution to protect it from intruders.

Unique design:
The design used in our anti climb system is truly unique. Complete with curved shaped vanes, each revolving around a central shaft provides an unstable barrier for walls, which easily moves should an intruder try to climb it.

High strength material:
Our anti climb devices are manufactured using alloys of high tensile strength. Vandgard products are therefore very strong, corrosion free and long lasting. The intrinsic resistance to corrosion means our anti climb systems will last a very long time - even in areas vulnerable to pollution and exposed and marine regions. Static anti climb spikes become dull over time, but the advanced material used on our barrier remains bright and will always retain its basic functionality as a deterrent through the life of the product.

Anti climb spikes are often made of plastic or unwieldy metal, whereas our ACD is made with lightweight materials and each metre of the product weighs only 4 kilos. Thus, handling the product is very simple and you can use our anti climb device on both mesh as well as wooden fencing. Installation is speedy and easy to accomplish and you also achieve a significant cost advantage compared to traditional protection methods like barbed wire etc.

Why our rotating barrier is better than fixed anti climb spikes:
Conventional protection measures such as razor wire and broken glass and anti climb spikes can easily result in mantraps. However, our anti climb guards are safe. Unlike dangerous impaling anti climb spikes , which may be illegal and dangerous to employees working above, Vandgard complies with Safety at Work regulations and Health and Safety Acts.. The unique curved shape of the vanes in the anti climb device prevents anyone from covering it with material like a coat, or a doormat or any such method used to incapacitate rotating barriers. Vandgard security fencing will always retain its effectiveness and cannot be penetrated by vandals or thieves. Contact us today to see how our anti climb products can benefit you.