Quick Fix 270 Pole Protector

Quick Fix 270 Pole Protector

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Clamp-On Rotating Anti-Climb Guard for Downpipes, Poles and Masts. Assembled and complete ready to clamp on to posts poles and masts using only 4 x 8mm bolts. Masts and lampposts adjacent to walls and high fences present an easy and common target for thieves to climb and attack property. A ring of Vandgard offers effective protection. Perfect for CCTV cameras and Satellite aerials and particularly where Public Liability legislation applies. Examples include commercial and industrial sites, schools, vehicle parking areas, domestic, sports and leisure areas. This pole protector will block access to any sensitive or valuable equipment above.


  • Simple to fix
  • Corrosion free
  • “Fix and forget” maintenance free.
  • Strong and effective without intent to harm
  • Complies with Health and Safety and Legal Liability
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A freely rotating anti-scaling security obstacle for 75mm to 200mm diameter poles and masts situated close to walls designed to effectively roll away aggression and crime without intent to harm.


Pack Includes:

Vandgard anti climb guard, ready assembled with support brackets on a 25x5mm flat steel axle curved around 270 degrees. The axle is welded to a clamop support for fixing to the mast or pole . Installation is simple and completed in minutes.



Aluminium vanes made of corrosion free aluminium BS6082 (Dural)
Theoretical weight: 0.173Kg each Overall diameter approx 400mm.
25x5 galvanised mild steel bar



Clamped or welded to the supporting pole, mast or structure..



Standard self-colour metal finish.

This product is also available Polyester powder coated in accordance with BS 6496:1984 for application to aluminium alloy extrusion.



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