Individual Shaft/Spindle x 2 Metres

Individual Shaft/Spindle x 2 Metres

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Stocked in Standard finish aluminium. Individual shaft/spindle lengths are one of the building components for Vandgard Rotating Anti Climb Guard. Shafts are 2metres long. This product is usually supplied as a replacement or to make up or infill small sections of Barrier.


Vandgard is ideal for protecting walls, gates, and all types of fence, rooftops, windows and alleyways. In fact all situations where serious vandalism or theft is likely and particularly where Public Liability legislation applies. Examples include commercial and industrial sites, schools, vehicle parking areas, domestic, sports and leisure areas. This Anti climb guard will eliminate any stable platform or foothold that an opportunist might otherwise use to scale a wall.

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Individual shaft length 26dia x2000 usually used with a joining spigot (Part number SPIGBAC01)

Pack Includes:
Extruded round tube BS6082

Vanes are threaded alternately onto the spindle which is crimped at the end with a hammer to secure the vanes. Vandgard must be supported at 2 metre intervals.