Joining Spigot

Joining Spigot

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Aluminium joining spigot. This accessory is designed to easily join together two lengths of Vandgard shaft in one continuous run. The spigot is made slightly larger than the internal diameter of the shaft. Using a pair of ‘Mole’ or ‘Vice’ grips the spigot is squeezed and inserted halfway into the shaft so that it springs open tightly in place inside the shaft.


  • Simple to fix
  • Corrosion free aluminium
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Aluminium spigot extruded section to patented design 150mm long. Ex BS 6082 aluminium. Designed for use with Vandgard anti-climb system and shaft (product code vs05 contains one spigot per 2metres))


Using grips the sprung spigot is compressed sufficiently to fit inside the tubular aluminium shaft and then hammered in for approximately 75mm ensuring a tight fit. The process is repeated with further sections of shaft at maximum 2 metre intervals to provide a smooth and continuous spindle.



When fixing a ‘Rotaguard’ acoustic alarm system, the sensor should be fed through the spindle during the fixing process.

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