About Anti Climb Guards


About Vandgard® -  Anti Climb Guards Ltd

Anti Climb Guards Ltd was established in 1986 by David Waite to bring his newly patented invention to market.

Known then as the  first “ non- injurious rotatable barrier “ and marketed as Vandgard® it was an immediate success with a wide range of Industries,  Local Authorities, Schools, Police and Utility Companies in the UK and worldwide.

Vandgard® continues as the most effective Anti-Climb device available and Anti Climb Guards Ltd ensures that Customer Service and product reliability are maintained. The company directors and staff are constantly seeking new applications and innovative products to add to the range of safe access deterrents.

As market leader, Anti Climb Guards has an important joint consultation role with National Grid Gas to rollout a safe nationally approved Access Prevention Measure for exposed pipes, and Vandgard® patents and copyright are now included in the regulations.

From its beginning Anti Climb Guards Ltd trading as Vandgard® has maintained a first page ranking on internet search engines with simple online ordering,  serviced  by a friendly knowledgeable sales team and backed up with expert advice where needed.