Corner Spacer
Corner Spacer

Corner Spacer

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Aluminium Corner Spacer designed to add strength to >90 degree corners. Corners can be vulnerable points in a security barrier. This accessory fits over Vandgard’s spindle to accurately hold corners together and maintain enough clearance to rotate freely. Used in conjunction with a Support Bracket ( Part No Supp01 )
  • Simple to fix
  • Corrosion free aluminium
  • Locks corners
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Corner Spacer ex BS6082 Aluminium Tube 275mm long x 27mm internal diameter closed and flattened one end and drilled with 27mm hole


Corners are securely locked together with Corner spacers positioned 150-300mm back from the end of a run of Vandgard Anti Climb Guard together with an extra support bracket. Supports should be adjusted to support Vandgard centrally over walls and fences with a clearance not exceeding 50mm. Bolted, clamped or welded to fences gates walls and soffits. Vandgard must be supported at 2 metre intervals and at corners.

NOTE: Corners less than 60degrees may be easily formed using a 25mm plumber’s pipe bending machine on the spindle.

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