Vandgard® Roller Barrier
Vandgard® Roller Barrier
Vandgard® Roller Barrier

Vandgard® Roller Barrier

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This unique system consists of flame-retardant, unbreakable roller tumblers, threaded onto a central shaft which is supported at 2metre intervals by fixing brackets.

Too large to get a grip on, the 115mm diameter tumblers rotate freely and independently on the shaft to form an unstable barrier that’s difficult to climb over, yet won’t cause injury. With black or green roller barrier and a range of brackets to choose from, there’s an off the shelf solution for almost any project.

The Vandgard Roller Barrier has a soft, unobtrusive appearance also makes the system ideally suited for installation in sensitive areas such as care centres for the mentally impaired or young offenders institutes, as unlike more aggressive systems, it is not seen as threatening.


Application:From schools and children’s play areas to care centres and prisons, Roller Barrier has a proven track record of keeping people within a designated area, or keeping them out of restricted areas. Bespoke solutions can be produced if needed.

Product Description:

A freely rotating anti-scaling security obstacle designed to effectively roll away aggression and crime without intent to harm.

Pack Includes:

Components to assemble 1 meter of Roller Barrier (Excludes Support brackets) Comprising:

  • 10 x Roller Barrier Tumblers: Thermoplastic moulded cylinders (tumblers) 115mm diameter x 100mm long, flame-retardant, unbreakable.
  • 1m x Spindle: Alloy 6082 shaft 25mm diameter 2.0mm wall thickness. Supplied in 2m lengths
  • 1x Joining spigot: 130mm sprung aluminium spigot to join spindles at 2metre intervals.



The Black or Green tumblers are flame-retardant, unbreakable tumblers, threaded onto a central shaft which is supported at intervals by fixing brackets. Other components are not visible and remain 'self colour' so as to maintain a free rotating action. Polyester powder coating if required is in accordance with BS 6496:1984


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