Shield Roller Top Anti-Climb Barrier
Shield Roller Top Anti-Climb Barrier

Shield Roller Top Anti-Climb Barrier

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Designed specifically for HMP, the Shield Anti-Climb Barrier (ACB), consists of a purpose designed Roller Barrier top, which attaches to a multiple 6 foot tall Armadillo shields assembly.

The approved rollers and shields combine to create an Anti Climb Barrier which is both a visual and physical barrier that restricts and contains a perpetrator’s movement around the landing .

above: 3 Armadillo interlocking prison shields topped with the roller barrier cap - fixed together to form a containment barrier

The above image shows the how two of the 3 shield Roller Shield ACBs are used in situ on the top prison landing as containment devices.

The Roller Shield cap prevents a handhold along the top of the shields, while the shields also prevent a toehold between the railings and the landing floor.

Intended for use in pairs, these units are designed to restrict the lateral movement of perpetrators along the outside of landing railings, by positioning a unit on each side of the perpetrator (note: use of this product is subject to training by NTRG).

The Roller Barrier shield top is designed to fit over the Armadillo shield assembly