Anti Climb System Installation Options

Drainpipes and soil stacks present an easy and common target for intruders and thieves to climb and gain entry to property. A semi-circle Vandgard offers effective protection.



For high security applications, a collapsible version of Vandgard is available. Mounted on a T-bar across the fence or wall, the barrier drops down like a see-saw when climbed, so that the second series of vanes is pushed into the air, presenting the additional insurmountable barrier.


Vandgard is ideal for protecting walls and fences in commercial, industrial and domestic premises and can be fitted with an acoustic intruder alert system.


Installed beneath guttering Vandgard presents a double barrier to would-be intruders, thieves and vandals.


Easy to install, Vandgard is attached to steel fences and palisades using a special fixing bracket without the need for any drilling or welding on site.


Commercial use of Anti Climb Systems

Vandgard has won a contract to supply its rotating anti-climb security barrier to the newly built Canadian Embassy in Port au Prince, Haiti. It is to be installed along the entire perimeter wall of the Canadian Embassy's new premises in the centre of the city to defend the grounds against intruders.

For additional security, the central shaft of the Vandgard barrier being used at the Canadian Embassy is also fitted with an electronic alarm system, supplied by Geoquip, specialists in electronic perimeter intrusion detection.


Transport: Train Operator Connect South East use Vandgard effectively to prevent non payment of fares at Sevenoaks.


Carpark: This engineering firm stopped thieves entering the factory roof at Trafford Park Manchester.


Sport Centre Perimeter: A wall in Islington London with Vandgard Anti Climb Guard.


Communication: This 300ft 'high level' river crossing tower over the Thames was being used as a Hang glider launch platform until Vandgard was installed at the base.


Electricity Pylons: The National Grid have installed Vandgard on more than 1000 "High Risk" towers throughout the United Kingdom.



Poles: Vandgard is used to prevent climbing of poles and support columns. Here Vandgard satisfies the legal requirement for Northern Ireland Electricity to protect the public from overhead transmission lines. Vandgard is also used extensively on CCTV camera poles to prevent theft.


Gates: Vandgard is durable and is ideal for use on gates that are constantly in use. Here at a very high security installation Vandgard is preferred over razor Wire for Gate toppings.


Roofs: Vandgard protects fragile roofs.


Anti Climb Guard for domestic use

Home Security: Vandgard is the most attractive security option to use at home. Here to protect a garden wall exposed to the street. Side gates can be a security problem that is easily solved with Vandgard. Here it is used colour coated in green.