Rota Spike Security Toppings
Rota Spike Security Toppings

Rota Spike Security Toppings

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Rota-spike is a fearsome fence spike built with sharp rotating steel blades. It is made to offer the most valuable protection against unwanted intruders and provide security for your specific fencing needs.

The most common use for Rota-spike is to protect vulnerable point within your buildings or facilities, stopping any kind of unauthorized access to roofs, adjacent buildings and more. This product may require the planning permission of the Building Regulations approval, so be sure to check with your Local Authority department before making a purchase. Rota spike is also commonly used along with Danger signs to indicate that it's a sharp product.

Rota-Spike brackets are available for fixing above any type of fence, gate or wall. It is really easy to install and provides the sharpness you need when other Anti-Climb products may not be your best choice.


Price includes:

Components required to assemble 1 metre of Rota-Spike including:

Aluminium shaft;
11 spikes of Rota-spike

Sizes and specs:

  • Shaft 41.5mm diameter x 2mm thick.
  • Each spike consists of 3no. blades 90mm long rotating on outer tube
  • Brackets ( not included ) required at 2m centres